Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here again, hoping the second-coming would be better!!!

It has been more than a year since I have posted and thought that i would no longer continue. Since then a lot has happened, personally and around in the world too. The colour of the glasses through which I view the world has changed slightly.

As I was sitting watching TV, and browsing this Sunday evening; a thought which has cropped up a few times, appeared again and this time I acted upon it. And presto the blog is revived. Hopefully it has a better life this time around.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last post from 'this place I have grown to love'

I had to spend a little time contemplating what would be an appropriate description of this place but everything seemed cheesy and somehow not fully conveying my thoughts, feelings whatever.

I guess this might as well be my last post on this blog.

So this is just to make sure that I would be posting something knowing that it would be the last one.
I wrote one post last year which on the lines of a farewell note so don't need one this time round.

Two years of one's life means that something has to be learnt, some new friends made, more experiences, memories, etc. While I didn't expect any of the things I mentioned above, I wanted to discover what I should be spend my life on (no I don't mean a career). That I guess I have achieved and in the process got something better which the ability to say that I am at peace with who I am. I guess that is a result of a lot things from before and events here but I would like to credit my stay at this 'adjective-defying' place for a major contribution (of course it would also involve the low-life ( :D no seriously you couldn't hope for a better bunch of chilled out hard-working people (:D) ) who infested this place during my stay here) .

That I can't ask for anything more is a true measure of the significance of my time spent at this hillock outsiders call "IIM-Indore".

Thursday, November 01, 2007

'Happy Days' and then a little more

I had work to do and I really am not into movies and definitely not into Telugu ones ( actually the fingers of one hand will be enough to count the number i have watched). When I came to know that we were having a screening of a Telugu movie in the auditorium I shouldn't have given it a second thought. But in keeping with the trends I have been exhibiting this term, I went to watch this movie called 'Happy Days' and I tell you the title is definitely not misleading. It was a breeze and nice fun in the way only telugu movies can. I guess each language has its specialty which allows for movies to be made the way they are. The movie as such was almost unadulterated fun with reality being hit for a six and for once I didn't mind. The movie wasn't what one would call a master-piece. However it touched a chord within me because it reminded of the time in engineering college. I think with a few modifications that movie could have been about me and my friends (ok not a few but loads). We had a great time and I do miss college to a certain extent.

A short (or rather long depending on what one would call a 2-3 km stroll) walk after that had me pondering about the nature of progress that we make in life. I wondered what if I knew then what I know today? Life would have been different for sure but would it have been better? Anyways what do I know today that really would have made such a big difference? All said and done it the experience of dealing with different types of people and the ensuing difficulties which impart one with the most knowledge. The question which keeps popping in my mind is what if i could turn the clock back? Pointless question I know but it sort of gave me a better picture of what I am today. The choices I made which have cut off some options for me but which has allowed me to become this person with whom I am almost totally comfortable. Should that be traded for something else?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Term V

There are times when one wishes one could turn the clock back and do things differently. One ponders about the 'what if' s and the 'but' s. I am no stranger to that vocation but things have taken a turn. While one could say that things took a turn when I left Hyderabad to join this place but of all the terms put together this term has seen I can see the difference in myself and I kind of like it. I guess it has to do with the nature of the term (Term V). My biological clock has gone for a toss (and in any normal manner, for example last night I slept at 1am and woke up at 5:30am which is mind-boggling for anyone who knows me for any period of time and what is worse is that today's schedule might be something totally different) The reason being classes at odd times and only one per day which makes it a bit of a pain. However it has allowed for chilling in and has built tremendous momentum towards an inertia which prevents me from stepping out of the room which has resulted in my hair and beard taking their own personality and not being very far from being more infamous than their transporter. Now for the more boring parts.

Life this term can be broken down into a few basic activities which warrant different posts.
1) Watching and Following Football
2) Watching T20 World Cup with the whole block, this was special
3) Sitcoms (This definitely warrants a post or more)
4) Scotland Yard
5) sleeping

Thats it. A brilliant time where even people who spent previous terms mugging have turned to sitcoms which is quite an indicator of the time that one has on his hands. Watching movies is routine and can be squeezed into life very easily. It is when people start watching shows left right and center do we know that they way too much time on their hands. And that is not a bad thing :D

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Something which was supposed to be random but turned into another bore-fest about that bore who goes around telling everyone his name is sajeev

It has been a long long time since I posted. I don't know what direction this post is going to take. There has been so much happening but now laziness and assignments have become an integral parts of my life. So there again is my oft-repeated excuse revealing itself in its 34th avatar.

As I sit in front of the screen and wonder what to write about, I have absolutely no idea but one thing is for sure: I am finishing this post in one go. I wonder why anyone would even be interested in reading this stuff and I wonder about the reason why I have this blog. It is definitely not there for the outside world. It is not meant to be an exhibition of my writings nor is it a dairy (definitely not at the rate I update it). So what purpose does this blog serve? Why do I keep posting here?

If anyone has the patience to go through all my posts I guess they would find the answer or rather answers. Once in a while I desperately feel the need to write and write anything( yeah it does happen or there is no way the number of posts could have made it into double-digits ) . Sometimes this blog is a forum for friends to know what is happening in life and once in a while discover things about me they didn't know before ( and being the complex person that I am that is bound to happen once in about say a million posts (which is to say never for those of you who still think I am complex person)). One thing is sure almost every post slips into being a bore-fest about this small person with a big ego called Sajeev. There have been times when I wished I could write more often and make this an opinion-blog but I know that is not happening. Coming to think of it I still don't know for sure why this blog exists, at least I am not able to come up with any solid reason other than maybe the fact that I like the sound of my own voice or in this case the way I form a sentence. Which again can be the topic of a post totally by itself. So why did I even ask the question of this blog exists? Maybe because I felt the need to post something and I had to fill the space and voila I got something which sounded decent enough but could then turn into a post about myself. Now that my itch to write something or rather anything has been satisfied I would like to think that my next post would be about something more meaningful.